Sunday, November 22, 2015

Resources for Writing Your Short Stories

Hello, writers!

AS you continue to work on the revisions for your short story, here are some helpful resources that make writing a  whole lot easier!

First, we have a list of transition words for narrative writing.   Don't give your reader whiplash as you abruptly jump from one place or time to another.  Guide them along with transitions. Working on your organization and transitions will help your reader "see" the story better and make your writing smoother.  Try it out and see!

Secondly, we have a guide for punctuating dialogue.  It's sometimes tricky!  I get it!  You just have to learn the rules of the road here.  You can do it!  Good dialogue can drive your plot and effectively paint a picture in the head of your reader!  Show us what's going on!  Use it correctly so your dialogue can work to help your story and not confuse your reader even more.

Lastly, we address the word said.  Repeating the word said over and over again (He said. She said. We said.) can make your writing sound boring and takes away the chance to provide some specific, showing detail. Try changing some of your "saids" to more specific verbs. Check out this list of said synonyms for some ideas.

If you are interested in seeing any other tools, let me know!!
Happy writing!
Create worlds!! 

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