Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hello EasyBib!

I remember in college spending days on  a research paper, pouring my heart and soul into it, only to get it back from my professor with a big red slash through it.  She may have loved my introduction.  Adored how I analyzed and presented evidence.  Gone crazy for the way my sentences lept rhythmically from the page.  So, why the big red slash???  Why the rejection?  Why the big FIX THIS written across the page?

Because I had used a comma instead of a period on the stupid Works Cited Page.


Don't worry, writers and researchers!  Today, there is a better way!!!

Let EasyBib help you format your Works Cited Page.

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EasyBib is an incredibly useful app and extension that helps collect sources and magically turns them into the correct format for your Works Cited Page.

No longer will your writing dreams be foiled by a silly, teeny, tiny mistake with a space, a period, a comma.

Be a good researcher!  Use Easybib!

Check out my Intro to Easybib screencast.

Be happy that you never have to go through what we had to when we had to painstakingly type up our own works cited page, on a typewriter, uphill, in the snow, without any shoes, on an empty stomach.

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