Wednesday, May 13, 2015

TED Talk #5: Technology + Magic = Awesome

I'm ready to yell it from the top floor of the Deering Middle School so that all the world can hear:  Marco Tempest is amazing!  Forget fake sawing people into two pieces.  Who cares about a never ending flower bouquet that turns into a bunch of scarves.  Bunny in a hat, pssshhhh.  They are so 2010.

Techno-Magicians are way better!

What is a techno-magician?

Basically, they are magicians that combine technology and magic. Marco Tempest is the only one I've ever really seen perform, but I plan on checking out more!

Since we do have a budding magician in our Genius Hour ranks, I thought his TED Talk- Augmented Reality, Techno-Magic would be a great talk to share.

Using sleight-of-hand techniques and charming storytelling, illusionist Marco Tempest brings a jaunty stick figure to life onstage at TEDGlobal.

Sit back and enjoy the show.
Try this at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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