Saturday, May 16, 2015

Arguments of Policy: Power to the People!

So far in ELA we've studied Argument of Fact- analyzing and providing evidence to prove something is true or false.  We've studied Argument of Judgment- agreeing on a set of criteria then applying that criteria to determine if our subject  is "a good example of something" or a "bad example of something."

We've solved murder cases.

We've committed 18th-century treason.

It is now time to change the world. 

Often people are fully happy to sit back and complain about what is wrong with the world.  They complain how unfair rules are.  They complain about certain laws they don't like.  They even complain about how the same people seem to be chosen as leaders year, after year, after year.  And yet, they generally never once decide to stand up and take a stand for something they believe in.

The art of argument writing, or argument in general, is not something that we only do in English classes.  Using evidence, analysis, claims, warrants, counter-arguments, and rebuttals are all a part of fixing the broken pieces of society and making the world a better place. 

As we prepare to learn more about Argument of Policy- changing rules and laws that we feel need to be changed- don't be a person who just shouts about how unfair it is.  Be the person who organizes, researches, analyzes data, makes an informed decision, respects the opinion of others, and stands up for change... whatever that change means for you.

To fix problems we don't have to conquer all the highest mountains in the world.... but we can start with the one right in front of us.  Be a person that others listen to.  Who knows, maybe your argument piece can make a difference.  

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