Friday, April 22, 2016

Check out Diigo!

HI Everyone!

As we begin our Research-Based Argument Writing Playlist, you'll find that staying organized is crucial!  We're going to be writing arguments based on data and evidence.  You'll want to find strong, credible sources to support your argument.  Diigo is a wonderful extension and website to help you.

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A close reader knows the importance of annotating (taking notes) and highlighting important information in articles as you read them.  In the past, that meant printing hardcopies, but we don't need to print anymore!  Diigo is an extension that allows you to curate (collect) websites and digital articles, store them in a library, tag them according to topic, bookmark them to read later, and highlight and take notes (which are all automatically saved)! Don't worry about losing important information again!  It's all saved for you!

Check out my screencast as I introduce you to this amazing tool.

I encourage you to use it for your research-based argument essay and for any future research- both personally and professionally!

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