Tuesday, April 26, 2016

TED Talk #13- Why lunch ladies are heroes

Think about it...

Who's Your Hero?
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Who are the people that you look up to?  The people that inspire you?  The people that you want to be like?

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The people that may reside in your head... that you think sometimes, "What would _________ do?"

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We all have them.  They may be super heroes, filling comic books with epic adventures, saving cities and fighting against evil.  They may be civil servants like firemen and police officers who put their lives on the line for strangers every day.  They may be professional heroes: doctors, writers, educators, artists, victorious in a specific line of work that we are a part of or hope to be one day.

They may be in the forefront, captivating everyone's attention.

They are the ones who smile, who notice, who care- annnnnnd maybe do a kung-fu-punch while serving up both justice and lunch.

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To children's book author, Jarrett Kroscoczka, the lunch ladies he grew up with, became those heroes.   Their super powers might be hidden and undercover, but quiet, unsung heroes have the power to change lives.

Check out Jarrett's TED talk as he shares the origins of the Lunch Lady graphic novel series, in which undercover school heroes serve lunch... and justice!  His new project, School Lunch Hero Day, reveals how cafeteria lunch staff provide more than food and illustrates how powerful a thank you can be.

Celebrate National Lunch Lady Appreciation Day this May 6th!

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