Thursday, May 26, 2016

Let's Feed... Our Curiosity!!

Let’s Feed… Our Curiosity!!!

A curious mind is a powerful mind!  FEED your mind!! (and your stomach)

According to, curiosity is good for you!  It helps…
  1. You become more intelligent
  2. You have new experiences
  3. You find your way in life
  4. You destroy ignorance
  5. You grow
  6. You stand out
  7. You help change the world!

One of the great aspects of reading is that we can often find connections with our own lives.  It might be something we can relate to, something happening in the world on a bigger scale, a hot topic in our own community, or even just something to make us think.  We read to be changed and to grow!

Dystopian Literature is one of the best genres to find those intriguing connections!  That’s probably why it’s so popular!

Many times, an author sitting down to write a dystopian story is purposefully trying to make their readers think about something….

See if any of these sound like they may relate to your books.

Some possible ideas might be:

What is beauty?
Can we ever reach perfection?
Is technology hurting us?
Is the world really fair?
What does it mean to stand up for something we believe in?
In an age of connected technology, are we actually connected to others?
Is artificial intelligence the way to go?
Are we really free?
What is worth fighting for?
What does it mean to be a good leader?
Is being different a good thing?
How can we stay safe?
What is truth? Is lying always bad?
Is it possible to live in a “perfect” society?
Are humans more powerful than nature?
Are people really “good at heart?”
What must we sacrifice for “the better” of our society?

These ideas are interesting to discuss how they fit into our novels and our world.  On Fridays, your group will choose 1-3 of these big topics/ questions to talk about, examine how they relate to your story, and research online how they fit in with the world around us.  

Each Friday I will show a brief video about one of these bigger ideas, but you do not need to choose the topic I introduce.  Let your group’s discussion decide what big idea/theme you want to explore!   Let your exploration FEED your curiosity!  

Our first video is a TED Talk is titled "The Thrilling Potential of Sixth Sense Technology." At TEDIndia, Pranav Mistry shows his amazing inventions to help the digital world collide with the physical world. My Academic Strategies will recognize some of his jaw-dropping creations! Check it his talk out here at this link!

Who Knows?  Maybe You Will Change the World One Day!


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