Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Our Library

In the beginning, there were books... then a few more..... then a few more... then some more.... and more.  So many, in fact, that the people of the world needed a building to house these glorious books in (yes, that's when books were written down on actual pages, you know, pages made from paper!)  The people of the world came together and built the very first library.

According to my research, the earliest libraries date back to Egypt and the Messopatianian era.  Having a library was very elite because so few people actually knew how to read.  The books all had to be hand scribed as well, a very time-consuming and exact process.

Medieval scene: A monk asleep over the books he's
transcribing. A medieval woman at a desk near him
says, DARN IT...the copier broke down again!

Today we are lucky to have wonderful libraries all around us, as well as a wealth of digital reading material at our fingertips.  Here are a few of the most impressive libraries out there today.  


No question about it, there are some fantastic libraries out there, but you don't have to travel very far to pick up some great books.  Our own Deering Middle School Library has tons of resources in print and digital forms.  Be sure to check them out!

And who could ever forget our favorite library here on the White Team: the Enos Library, open for business every day in room 47.  

Hundreds of books to choose from.  Are you a fan of realistic fiction?  We've got that.  More into Sci-Fi?  We've got that.  Is dystopian lit your thing?  Oh, yea, we've got that... a lot of that actually.  It's all the rage.  Many of you have seen for yourself, I've got pretty good taste.  Let me make a suggestion.  No charge :)

If you are interested in checking a book out, please use this form :  Enos Library Check-Out Form

If you are checking in, please use this one:  Enos Library Check-In Form

Happy Reading!!

***All lost books will be paid for by hours of scraping gooey, disgusting, chewed up, stale,old, really old, we're talking old enough to have been stuck there when I went to this school in the 90's, pink bubble gum off the bottom of the tables, or anything else I think of that may actually be worse!   Don't loose my books!  

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