Sunday, March 29, 2015

Google News Archive

I know it. You know it.  Whenever we are given something to research, our first instinct is to Google it.  My 4-year-old nephew knows about google.  My 84-year-old grandmother knew to Google.  Googling is so common that it has now officially become a verb.

There's nothing wrong with googling, but there are other ways!

Sometimes you're looking for something more than just a generic google search.  Maybe you want research that's more focused, more specific, more timely, more unique.  Maybe you're just looking for options to explore.  Today, I bring you Google News Archive.

Google News Archive is a collection of newspapers/articles scanned in to an electronic archive.  It is a searchable database for a multitude of topics.  All you do is enter in your keyword and lots of articles (real scanned copies of newspaper articles) pop up.  The archives can add a new level to any research project/ task you're working on.

Click this link to access the Google News Archive.

I've also created a very brief Google News Archive screencast to walk you through the site if you would like a tour.

Happy Researching!

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