Monday, October 3, 2016

TED Talk #4: The Magic of Truth, Lies, and IPODS

The next TED Talk we're going to watch is about the power of Deception.

As we study and discuss literature, life, and current events, I'm sure many of you have discovered some instances of deception: people in power deceiving, hiding the truth from those that rely on them.  Sometimes, it's done for the better of society.  Sometimes it's done for greed.  Sometimes it's just hard to tell.  Either way, considering how truth, lies, or deception factors into what we've been reading brings up an interesting question:  Is it ever ok to lie?

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Our TED Talk today is brought to you by Marco Tempest.  Marco is a techno-magician, meaning that he combines slight of hand (magic) and technology to bring his audience the ultimate illusion.  His talk today is a clever, surprisingly heartfelt meditation on truth and lies, art and emotion.

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Check out the Talk Here at this Link

As you watch consider these points in general and how they relate to the SSR novels you are reading.
- What is real?
-What are the differences between truth and lies?
-Is it possible (or good) to be totally honest all the time?
-Is it ever ok to lie?
-What is the power of deception?
-How does propaganda fit in?
-Do we deceive ourselves sometimes?
-If you're happy with the lie you're being told, is the lie wrong?
-Is it better to always know the truth?
-Is censorship lying?
-Why do leaders sometimes lie?  

Let's talk Truth vs Lies

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